Diddy Remains The King

“South Stream” eliminated. At this time permanently. If earlier the EU demanded an official confirmation, but now it has received. Russia has notified the European Commission on the final cessation of work on the project “South Stream”. Now the European side is planning to establish a sean john men working group that will deal with the energy security of the former project participants from the countries – EU members. We are talking about Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, Italy, Romania, Slovenia and Croatia.

In the figures: only 0.1% rise the global economy in 2014. These are the estimates of the United Nations against the background of existing sanctions. The results show that after two years the economic growth will accelerate to 3.3%. In the global macroeconomic outlook also says that Russia’s economy after the current growth of 0.5% next year will be able to save this indicator and, accordingly, only the positive growth of 0.2%.

Moscow can win , admitted finally, US President Barack Obama’s Export Council at the White House. The leader of the country said that further sanctions against Russia may be inappropriate, as this may lead to a split between the US and EU member states, where recorded isolated cases of rejection of the current policy. Obama added that “to believe that we can simply write and introduce new sanctions, and in the end Vladimir Putin change his mind, in my opinion, is a miscalculation. In this case, it will be a strategic victory for Moscow. ”

Experts believe that the “Dom-2″ – tracing from the society as a whole.

Numerous psychologists and sociologists who have studied the phenomenon of the popularity of the “Dom-2″, came to the conclusion that the project is small and very accurate projection of the I am king fragrance as a whole. He is sharpened interest precisely because of its ability to reflect the realities of modern life.

Like a drop of water in the TV show reflects all the complexity, joys and sorrows of its participants.Megaproject is full of life, it is voluminous and diverse. And then the viewer can see a number of love and hatred, deceit and true devotion. “Dom-2″ is a real reality show is loved his fans and the lack of honesty staged filming, deception and false modesty.

Gettin’ Back to Nature

When I really need to relax but don’t want to watch TV I end up selecting a book and a favorite chair along with natrol 5-htp tr time release to get me in my special place and comfort zone.  Maybe it is a rainy day and a good time to spend your time indoors.  Certain days will draw you to your chair, book and a mug made with 5-htp.


Later in the day, you have to move.  Regardless of the temperature and weather conditions the outdoors is calling you.  Spend some time in the fresh air and the nature of the day.  Be sure to take in all that is around you.  I am always amazed at cloud formations.  They make you want to reach out and touch them.  Some look good enough to eat.  Never two clouds the same, as it goes for snowflakes?  I don’t know.


If you grew up in a true four season climate, right about now (depending on how much rain you got over the summer) the night air is chillier and the day time temperatures are perfect – color unfolding all around you.  Autumn leaves are turning color and autumn leaves are falling onto the ground.  Autumn is my favorite “season” even if you are lucky enough to live in a two-season climate.  During elementary school we learned this fun song about autumn leaves:  “…autumn leaves are now falling, red and yellow and brown; autumn leaves are now falling, falling down to the ground…”


I have collected a wide variety of tree leaves – different colors, different trees – different stages of color change – with two to three colors in one leaf.  You gather your collection and get your Mom to take out the iron and ironing board.  You search the kitchen drawers for the wax paper.  Take two large pieces of wax paper if you want to preserve several leaves.  Set the iron to low or medium.  Place the leaves between the sheets of wax paper and carefully iron over the wax paper.  Do not stay too long in one spot.  If your iron is on low, you can move over and over the wax paper – you can see the change in the paper when most of the wax has melted off and transferred to the leaves.  Be very careful that the iron is not too hot.  This method flattens the leaves, seals in the color and lets you preserve them for a while.  If you use the leaves as decoration, they will not last as long.  I got into the habit of placing leaves from every fall into a variety of different books that happened to be around.  Choosing, what I call coffee table books, is a good choice, as you don’t look at them much.  This keeps the leaves flat, preserves the color and later they become a nice surprise in months or years to come.

Mysteries of salmon

The offices of some NGOs were raided by police. Documents and fisher price games computers were seized. In Budapest, activists reported with increasing frequency a ‘putinização “Hungary, demanding action from Brussels. Apart from Russia, Orban takes Turkey and China as models – and talked about it openly more than once in the council chambers.


Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta, adopts a similar approach. He always says that toddler toys in Romania should take a different from other Western countries-members of the European Union way. According to the prime minister, “due to the recession in the euro zone,” the economy of their country should be guided to the east.

Victor Ponta, Prime Minister of Romania, adopted a religious-nationalist discourse during the campaign. Presidential elections will be held in Romania on the 2nd of November. As a candidate of post-communist social democrats, Ponta adopted a religious-nationalist discourse. In almost all TV appearances – and they are many – he claims to have pride in themselves as Romanian Orthodox apply in your country. Almost every night, the Romanian Prime Minister participates in talk shows from broadcasters sympathetic to the government.

The national-religious discourse gained significant momentum when it became clear that support for its promising opponent Klaus Johannis has been increasing in the public election polls. Johannis – Mayor of Sibiu and since this year, the leader of the Liberals in Romania – belongs to the German Protestant minority. The opponents did not hesitate to use xenophobic statements Nazi insults to prevent the rise of Ponta, a practice which is still being investigated by civil authorities.

Im Running Out

Muslim Sicily also contradicts the classical model of dividing the Mediterranean into Europe, the Constantine Civilization, and the Muslim world.  At the southern most point of Italy, Sicily is without argument European.  However, in Medieval times Sicily was a mixture of all three of these separate worlds.  The control of power in the area for centuries fluctuated between Islamic and Constantine rule, only to in the end be conquered by the Normans.  Christians, Muslims, and a small portion of Jews all lived side by side on the island.  The island was a crucial trading point between the Muslim east and west, but it was also a crucial trading point for western Christian merchants to trade with the Muslim world.  Muslim Sicily shows us that it is much more difficult to draw eternity cologne for men than a distinct cultural boundaries within the Mediterranean during the Middle Ages.  Sicily was a blend of many cultures and many religions.  It shows us that instead of making solid barriers, we should instead look for fluid overlapping barriers to describe the cultural boundaries of the Mediterranean in the middle ages.

ck eternity

This won’t be enough to finish what I have started. Keep moving and don’t worry about what is going on around you try to type as accurately as possible and try to pump these things out. You have to catch up a shine on this. Don’t lose this opportunity for a better life. It can’t happen. No more struggling to get by. You need this. Your family needs this. All of those bills that you need to pay and have not paid need to be covered. You deserve this and should embrace it. Who cares about what others are doing and what others think? Just keep moving. Don’t stop. Can’t stop won’t stop ck eternity. As diddy says. Type man and stop looking around fight that urge to get hung up on the details and to stop and take a break. Stop being good enough and try to be the best. Don’t just try to be the best, be the best. Then you will start to see new opportunities arise and you financial situation will start to turn around. You don’t want to have another sad Christmas right?

Welcome to My Zoo

“We organize the celebration of Ashura in Rome since 2007,” said Zaman Ate, a friend from years of Faro and become a reference for the many young people in the Afghan community in the capital. “Earlier in the square Mancini, following in the Osteons district – said Zaman, who added – two years to celebrate Faro. The boys are happy, they want to experience the party here. Before we did not have a stable place to share this feast. In 2009, we celebrated even under a makeshift tent in the Piazza Mancini. Sure, it was nice, but the lighthouse is another thing. ”

An important therefore, that lived at the Lighthouse, for realizing more and more the true closeness, the encounter between peoples. And so an unsuspecting resident of Monteverdi can understand why a November evening in the Panasonic phone systems of Afghanistan seemed to be perhaps the most thoughtful and harvest than usual. Why the devotion, the desire for transcendence unite us all, beyond nationality, creed, training received.


There is no much at Christmas, but it is thanks to events like this every day of the Lighthouse that we can truly discover ourselves all brothers. And so Friday ended another round of Faro, the third and last for this year. What has brought 60 young people in about two months to transform, thanks to the determination and commitment every day, in many aspiring chefs, pizza chefs, waiters and bartenders? And most people in most strong, able to grow and learn together, in the encounter with the other.

A beautiful day of celebration, then. With the delivery of certificates of attendance and emotion finally free to melt together with words of gratitude and friendship, and emerge on the lips of the boys, now “graduates” of Faro. “In these two months, we were a bit ‘in a world apart. But what have we learned? “Asked Gianni Del Buffalo in his address to the Panasonic dect 6.0. The first conquest, being able to do things that we thought we could not do before – said the director of Faro, which added even like – the ability you have today in our hands no one will ever forget.

They Will Sell Anything

According Leanir, Justice canceled the repossession of occupancy Plinio de Arruda Sampaio, Rua Agenor Klaussner, scheduled for tomorrow (18) “However, we know that [the reinstatement] will occur. The protest is to charge the municipality to purchase the land. The owner said he has interest in selling the graphics card, “said Leanir.

He explained that the land, 130 thousand square meters, contains about a thousand housing units. He estimates that 160 families live on site, a total of 500 registered. The movement claims that the area had been abandoned for 50 years, so it was busy. Lean revealed that part of the land is made up of Environmental Protection Area (APA) and areas of Social Interest (Zeis) city.

In a statement, the department said that the area is private and is not inserted in the housing planning agency for expropriation or construction of housing units. The document states that on several occasions, representatives of the department gathered with leaders in order to clarify and present the housing program and procedures for enrollment and registration of housing demand. ”

Leanir complains that the occupation Anchieta, located in Grajaú, the city should have already signaled the start of construction. “The occupation is growing and that creates chaos. We have 800 families living there and over 1200 registered, “he said. At the site, an area of ​​68 thousand square meters, is expected to build over a thousand apartments.

According to the department, the land belongs to the Anchieta Institute.  The city also said it plans to deliver 55,000 affordable housing by 2016. There are currently more than 130 thousand families in housing records of the municipality. “There will be no priority of service to families in occupied areas,” reinforces the municipal video card comparison.

The Index of Economic Activity BC (IBC-Br), considered sort of flag of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) advanced 0.59% between July and September on the second quarter, when there was a decrease of 0.79% over January- March.

In September alone, the index rose 0.40% over August, when it had risen 0.20% over the previous month. The September result came better than expected by economists polled by Reuters, whose median pointed to a high of 0.14%.

2 Out No One On

With the first ceremony of a once controversial ultra-group of the German Football Association (DFB) has also taken the fans in the fight against violence in stadiums in the duty. “We want to move forward and improve things with you. But to hear from you a clear commitment against all forms of violence., This expectation I want to give you along the way,” DFB president Wolfgang Niersbach said in Gelsenkirchen spokesman for the Munich-based “crowd “that received for their commitment against discrimination and anti-Semitism Julius Hirsch price in 2014.

The grouping has been earned partly spectacular choreographies in the Munich Arena to the memory of the honorary president of Bayern, Kurt Landauer, and other Jewish club members had loreal absolut repair – most recently in January of this year. “This is the greatest merit of the crowd that Kurt Landauer was posthumously appointed honorary president,” said the Bayern Munich chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge.

Even the 95-times capped international taught at Schickeria representative Sven Müller, whose group received a cash prize of 10,000 euros, the desire for “nonviolent stadiums and games”. TV commentator Marcel Reif addressed in his speech at the Hans-Sachs-Haus, the Ultras in regards to this: “This crowd can not seriously flirting with violence”.Müller made on demand no clear commitment against violence, but let it be known that you want to change things in common with the Association.

The worst incident in connection with the in-crowd had occurred in 2007, when members raided a Nuremberg fan bus. The wife of the bus driver lost an eye light. Finally, the crowd fell on, as they Neuer after the change made in 2011 on l oreal professional against Manuel mood of Schalke to Munich.10965455-1403194072-74032

With the 2nd and 3rd prize Borussia Dortmund were awarded for a joint project with the memorial stone guard as well as the Community College Roth. Mario Bendel, founder of the Internet platform “Football Fans gegen Rechts”, received the top prize.

Thoughts on Thoughts on Thoughts

I love swimming; I’m good at diving. In the summer I go swimming with my friends and we wear best Vera Bradley pattern all the time and we always dive, sometimes even back dives. Best travel bags and swimming reminds me of good times, with friends, when its warm out and I am generally happier. I think I’m happier in the summer time. There is something about warm sun that makes a person feel better. I associate the rain with Germany. Maybe I don’t want to think about Germany. Wasn’t Germany good times though? Happy childhood, loving parents, before I became aware of all my parent’s problems, although the first time I overheard mom talking about divorce was in Germany. It was the beginning of everything unfolding.


I recently ended my friendship with Nadia B. so all of that was fresh in my mind. Now I’m fine. Occasionally I think about her, like something funny will remind me of her. So I’m glad that when I do think of her, good things come to mind rather than the bad things. But I am definitely happy to no longer be dealing with her on facebook. I feel free. I let part of me go, a part of me I didn’t like.

Nadia S. does not mean that much to me. She was a good friend, but we never needed or wanted to go much deeper than the surface level.

I don’t like England so I don’t know why I end up in London. My dad sends me away? Why? I love kittens but why is it pregnant? Why is my dad furious about me being back? This dream asks more questions than it answers. Maybe I’m always trying to answer things rather than question them. Maybe I’m living through my friends, sending them to cool places. Why am I sending them away like my dad sent me away?

Packing all my clothes but leave my new jacket I wore in NY (with dad) hanging on the hook on my closet in Airone

Worried about meeting mom, being on time

Have to meet her at 3.15

Dream change à

Water skiing/sky diving/ jumping into lake from helicopter [some kind of extreme sport]

Grandpa’s lake in Michigan

Everyone swimming: FC people e.g. Cooper, Chloe maybe

Dream change à

In Starbucks: ordered two coffees and a muffin

Guy at the counter tried to make me pay $800 for the muffin, fancy with sprinkles and whipped cream

Two guys feel me up while I’m standing in line

I was wearing black soccer shorts with hot pink spandex underneath

Tarek, Peyton, Eminem, Spencer

Eminem rapping, getting upset, same rap last year, same emotional problem at certain part of the rap

I pointed this out to Spencer, trying not to sound nerdy about psychology

We were in a really hot room, I had to take off my sweatshirt and was only wearing a tank top underneath, felt naked and exposed

Stephanie was there too, we had pit stains

[someone, who?] asking me about going back to Spain

Dream change à

In a store like WalMart buying a birthday card for Saori

The card said Happy Birthday/ cum ???

Dream change à

Leaving that hot room after rap etc. saying goodbye to physics teacher – Mr. Ogilvie or maybe Shanahan

Awkward cheek kisses

Then, other Ogilvie-like teacher did the same

His wife comes over, looking annoyed, bringing a young girl maybe 4 or 5, dark, brown hair

The conversation begins lightly, but quickly escalates, I feel like I’m being interviewed

She asks me about football somewhere in Spain, like a trick question, like how smart I am

So I ask if she means FIFA world cup

Then I pick up the little girl, start playing with her, to see if she likes me, am I a good babysitter

The wife starts telling me about her husband, getting it out, the bad things he’s done

He comes up and stands naked, looking like a Roman statue

The girl is brused broken…raped?

Flashback story

Wife mentions something about a black girl, but I didn’t see a black girl, just reddish hair