Air Strut Replacement

Air struts along with air shocks are an integral part of the suspension system of an air suspension vehicle. They help for greater stability and keep the tires of the vehicle in contact with the ground. They are also making sure that the passengers in a vehicle can ride in a smooth manner. However, it is the case with all other parts of a car, air struts need proper maintenance and repair from time to time to ensure proper functioning of your vehicle. When you need replacement struts, you can buy them at vehicle dealerships, automotive supply stores or even through online ordering. Different options are fine, as long as you purchase well-functioning and good performing replacement air struts.

Front air strut replacement

When the front end of your vehicle plunges towards the front while you apply the brakes resulting it to nose dive, it is a common sign that you need front replacement struts for your vehicle. The effect of a worn out front strut can impact the performance of your car’s rear brakes. It also puts extra stress on the front brakes. When such signs are obvious it is recommended that you go for front replacement struts compatible for your car.

Rear strut replacement

If you find that the rear end of your vehicle dips inadequately downwards at its back end when the car is moving, it can be a symptom that the rear struts are about to fail soon. Whenever the vehicle is lowered more than expected while carrying weight in its rear such as multiple passengers in the back seat or heavy object, there can be problems with the rear strut or air springs.

The average cost for replacing a front air strut is estimated to be anywhere from €600 to €1,000. Out of which, about €100 – €200 go into labour expenditure, while the parts are usually priced between €500 to €800.

Testing the struts of a vehicle

If you suspect that the struts of your vehicle are about to fail, you can confirm the case by conducting an air or oil leak test. An air or oil leak suggests that the strut or the air spring may be giving trouble and not functioning properly. You can also conduct a Bounce test which is one of the quickest tests to find out the status of your struts.

When you find that your struts need to be replaced, you can do a little homework to find out the cost of the air strut replacement. For instance, there are several well-known and reliable portals where you can navigate and find out about the air struts replacement cost.

Knowing When to Change Your Brake Pads & Shoes

When it comes to bringing your car to a halt in a safe manner, the most important components are the brake pad & shoe on each wheel. These are also widely called brake linings and are responsible for slowing a car down through the use of hydraulic or mechanical force whenever the brake pedal is pressed.

These are developed and manufactured by a large number of firms across the world with leading brands being known for producing the best quality.

Regardless of which brand you go for, you will first need to know how to tell when it is time to change your brake pads & shoes. Not changing them early enough could compromise the safety of anyone including yourself that is travelling in your car.

The Difference Between a Brake Pad & Shoe

Brake pads & shoes are two completely different braking methods that are currently in use in the cars on our roads. Brake shoes are the older of the two methods that are rarely seen in the more modern cars that are in use on the roads whilst the brake pad method is what you will find in all the newer cars that are released.

The brake shoes are set inside a drum that is set inside each wheel on a vehicle and they push outwards to touch the drum of the wheel through hydraulic forces whenever the brake pedal is pressed.

Brake pads on the other hand are discs that are pressed against a brake caliper through hydraulics in order to slow a wheel down.

How to Tell When Either Needs Changing

There are a couple of very good indicators that the brake pad & shoe in each of your wheels may need changing and they should be changed as soon as possible for the purpose of safety.

Bad Noises – If you start to hear squealing, grinding, or whining sounds coming from your brakes whenever you press the pedal, there is a good chance that they are starting to wear a little thin.

Poor Traction – if you have experienced pressing your brakes in order to slow down your car and they do not stop you as effectively as usual, you will understand how frightening it can be. If you notice that your brakes are not giving you as good stopping performance as before, you should certainly get them changed.

If you notice any of the two problems above, you should have your brake pads & shoes checked out as soon as possible and replaced if deemed necessary. There is not only the safety of you and anyone else travelling with you in your car at stake but also all the safety of all other drivers on the road.



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Repair or Replace? 5 best advices for Windshield maintenance

The article takes you through points that every person should know for the proper maintenance of their car windshield. In addition, it also helps people in finding an appropriate service provider for their car windshield.

Here are 5 tips to keep your car windshield in good condition.

  1. The crack is easily repairable even at home if it is as long as three inches. However, most of the experts in Chandigarh suggest that if the Windshield crack goes beyond three inches, the car owner should contact the nearest service centers for best result. It happens all the time, a rock or a tiny object flies at windshield and chips it; in some cases we might just ignore, however if we ignore these chip or crack for a longer time it start getting larger  till the full windscreen needs to be replaced.
  2. Another necessary issue to contemplate while selecting between repair and replacement is the location of the damage. Once the windshield gets a crack at its edge, this would simply mean that the crack is only going to spread and may damage the complete structure. And thus, in most of the cases, it is replaced if not noticed right away. Nowadays it is also possible to get services while sitting in home from the experts in Ludhiana there are service centers who can replace or repair your Windshield at your doorstep. All we need to do is to give a call on their toll-free number.
  3. To determine whether the windshield needs repair or replacement the general rule is to check the length of the crack. Cracks or chips that are less than twelve inches will nearly always be repaired. Cracks that are between twelve to twenty inches may typically be repaired; however, one need to make sure that it is only done by knowledgeable windshield repair experts. Any cracks that are longer than twenty-four inches will typically not get repaired and also, the entire windshield will need to get replaced. These length limits are not necessarily accurate as a crack may be less than twenty inches but has the potential to spread quickly, thus, it would be always suggested to replace the windshield to stop any further damage
  4. As for chips or circular dings in the windshield, if they are of quarter size or smaller it can be repaired. But some windshield service providers don’t fix any chips or dings that are within the driver’s direct line of vision because the repair might leave some distortions within the glass. In these cases, it’s a lot safer to simply replace the full windscreen. Also, if a crack has been for over thirty days most windshield experts would recommend getting the windshield replaced. This is because the longer the crack would be in the windshield the more dirt and rubbish it would accumulate within the crack, which can hinder the repair process.

Chips and cracks are possibly one of the most annoying things for the drivers. Therefore, make sure that you chose best service providers in your locality. High-quality resins, injection units, and air removal methods are as important as the expert working on the crack repair. In addition, the skill and patience of the repair professionals are also important. The combination of quality equipment and skilled windshield repair professional will give the best output.

Guidelines to Redefine Your Vehicle’s Lighting System

These days you have the option of changing the outlook of your vehicle with a little knowledge and a handful of cash. Redefining your car will not only enhance your image in public, but will also give you the opportunity to increase its resale value. The following lines will help you learn about essential car lights and how you can change them for improving your vehicle’s lighting system.



Car Light-Types:

Read on to find out about the major car light types and their usage. You can also take a look at the recommendations offered.

The Headlights- Automotive aftermarket lighting is the best way to improve your car’s exterior and increase its resale value. If you opt for aftermarket headlights you not only change the exterior look of your car, but you also get an improved output from these car lights. In case you find that your vehicle’s factory headlights are not satisfactory, you can try out the Spyder headlights. You may not be aware of this, but LED headlights offer stronger beam in comparison to regular headlights; this helps improve visibility while driving at night. Moreover, the LED headlights also consume less power when compared to regular headlights. Opting for LED lights will offer you significant protection during rough weather and they can resist water damage much better than regular Halogen bulbs. If you’re still not interested in LED lights, opt for Halo lights or Euro headlights or even get made custom headlights for a car that will upgrade the front end.

The Fog Lights- One of the most dangerous experiences for any driver is driving in a foggy day. Heavy fog conditions can cause uncertainty in driving through any path, even for an experienced driver. However, high powered fog lights can help you see clearly under heavy fog conditions. The beams of a car’s fog light shine at an angle downwards so as to avert the beams reflecting off during hazy weather conditions. This is the reason why you must opt for fog lights that come with high power while selecting fog lights for your car.

The Tail Lights- It is true that the main responsibility of your car’s tail lights is illuminating the back end, but these lights also play a major role in determining the look of your car. Sadly, the majority of the OEM tail lighting options fails when it comes to style. Try replacing your tail lights with bold and bright LED tail lights for a cool exterior look. You can also try European luxury inspired design for subtle and classy exterior. The best part of buying aftermarket tail lights is that it offers you the freedom to give the look that you like, to your car.

The Off-Road Lights- If your car has long range off-road lights; it can match a truck or an SUV’s look. These lights increase the visibility range dramatically during unfavorable weather conditions and night time. In case, your vehicle, be it a car or a truck, lacks proper lighting, investing in a long range off-road light can enrich your visibility. The best long range off-road lights are those comprising HID lights as they offer lighting experience even in dark trails.

Apart from these lights, you can also find other lighting options for your vehicle including corner and bumper lights. However, you must be careful while buying the car lights so as to avoid cheap and fraud car parts. Try out the  Oracle Lighting Houston for authentic and cost-effective car lights.

Knowing When To Replace A Tire

Almost every driver knows when it’s time to have his or her vehicle’s engine inspected: when the check engine light on the dashboard stays lit. But other than a puncture, there’s no easy way to know when it’s time to get a tire fixed. When it comes to tires, a driver has to be mindful of the situation and make sure that the tires are safe enough to allow proper driving.

Here’s how that’s done:

Check the Age

It’s a simple fact, but it’s one that few people remember: rubber ages just like anything else. It’s actually pretty dangerous to drive on tires that are too old, because they can increase the risk of the rubber giving out and having the tire fall apart. In a northern state such as New Jersey, where snow and ice are a hallmark of winter, old tires can have trouble with slippery roads. That’s why tire shops in Newark, NJ, make sure that drivers are exiting their shops with tires that are new enough to protect drivers.

How can a driver check the age? Look at the last four digits of the DOT code on the tire’s sidewall. The Department of Transportation provides a guide that helps a driver determine the exact age of a tire, using the week and year that it was manufactured. The first two digits are the week of the year it was made, with the last two corresponding to the year. If a tire features “4913” as its last four digits of its DOT code, you know that tire was made in the 49th week of 2013, placing its manufacturing date at the middle of December. Keep in mind that only tires made after 2000 follow this formula, as tires made before this date used only three digits. If a tire does use three digits, don’t even consider it. A 16-year-old tire is asking for trouble. Most tires should be replaced every 5-10 years, depending on brand and mileage.

Check the Tread

One of the easiest ways to check whether a driver is using safe tires is the penny test. It’s become popular, because Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States, and coincidentally, 1/16th of an inch is the minimum amount of tread for tires to be considered safe. The test consists of sticking a penny into the tread and seeing whether Lincoln’s head is at all obscured. If part of his head is blocked by the tire, the tire still has enough tread to be safe. If Lincoln’s entire head is visible, the tire is at 1/16th of an inch or less and must be replaced as soon as possible.

Tread fades with high mileage, so it’s a good idea to run this test regularly to ensure that if a tire needs replacing, it isn’t a surprise. Once every 3-6 months should be sufficient with most tires.

Don’t Buy Used Tires

Used cars are a good idea. Used tires really aren’t. With a used tire, it’s impossible to know how well the tires were treated by the previous owner and what kind of conditions they’ve experienced. It’s best to stick with new tires sold by a reputable tire store.

Tires are not something to be overlooked. If a driver isn’t careful and ignores a bad or aging tire, it might be a life-threatening mistake. Tire shops in Newark, NJ,will be happy to help drivers fix their old tires and get back on the road quickly — before it turns into a major hazard that puts everyone on the road at risk.