Tips For Car Interior Care: Stain Removal And Conditioning

Caring for a car is a daunting task if you are not aware of the minute aspects of car care. You can use the tips below to go beyond the basics of cleaning. Interior temperatures can get quite high during the summers, and bacteria and other pathogens also find a safe and sound dwelling spot in car interiors that are not well cleaned, especially during the summer. Ordinary spills, a wet dog and other causes and circumstances can cause an un-hygienic inner car atmosphere. While the car repairs services also heed to the cleaning issues, you should be more attentive to the aspect as it directly affects your health.

Spills and Stains

Car interior cleaning in Bangalore should be comprehensive and should address all issues. Spills and stains that affect a car can be of two types, viz. organic and inorganic. Organic stains are the biological stains (for instance food and drinks) and are non-chemical in nature. Sweat is also an organic stain. Organic stains can be cleaned rather easily, and you can use the baby wipes as well for cleaning the vinyl seats for the food spills. If the car has leather seats, you must use the leather cleansers and the clean microfibers (it is better to have these in the car always for prompt cleaning). The leather cleansers can also be used to clean the vinyl seats. If you use any other cleaner on leather seats, there are chances that they can damage it.

Some of the dyes of clothes get transferred and accumulated on the seats of the car, because when you sweat, the cloth gets wet. Dye is a kind of organic stain. Other common inorganic stains that get inside a car include the shoe polish, ink of pens and motor oils among others. For the inorganic stains, only specific chemical cleaners can be used.

Cloth upholsteries are the places where bacteria and other harmful pathogens can dwell easily as it is more absorptive in nature and has more porous fibers. The enzyme-based cleaners can be used to clean the cloth upholstery. The commercial enzyme cleaner is just manufactured to kill and stop the growth of micro-organisms, and the enzymes stop the growth of bacteria in a fraction of the time. The enzymes react with the proteins of the bacteria and clear the organic stuff before it gets unhygienic.


Conditioning of the car is also quite important. The cars get a lot of heat during summer times, and the leather seats and other interior areas may get died out. The drying leads to fading of the interiors, and later cracks may also occur. Apart from bad looks, a faded and cracked interior also decreases the resale value of a car. If you ever would like to sell your car in future, the faded interiors will cause a lowering in its worth and value.

The expensive leather and the plastics can be well maintained during the summer, by the application of a conditioner. Use a clean microfiber cloth for applying the conditioner. The towel must not be over-saturated, and you only need to use a small amount of the conditioner at a time, on a single surface. Let the interiors sit for around 15 minutes after the application, so that the conditioner can well penetrate the car surface. Use only a conditioner that can gently moisturize the car surface. This is so because the greasy surfaces attract dust particles, which spoil your clothing.